Welcome to the website for the book Gravity from the ground up, written by Bernard Schutz and published by Cambridge University Press.

This book is a new kind of book about science. It introduces gravity, the most fundamental of all the forces of Nature. By using high-school mathematics and, optionally, the computer programs that can be downloaded from this website, Gravity from the ground up goes beyond the usual popular books on science by helping readers to understand gravity and its role in the Universe, not just marvel at it.

Gravity regulates everything that happens in the Universe, from human actions to the feeding of giant black holes in quasars, from the gentle motion of the Moon around the Earth to the fierce explosion of the Big Bang. Learning about gravity involves learning about a broad sweep of physics, including quantum physics, thermal physics, and of course Einstein’s general relativity. Gravity from the ground up weaves these themes together in a natural way, by seeing how they work together to create the extraordinary Universe around us.

If you already own this book, you will find useful extra material here: the computer programs that allow you to do calculations that go beyond the simple algebra used in the book, and solutions to the exercises posed in the book’s Investigations. You can see full-color versions of some of the images printed in black and white in the book. You can follow your interests further to other Web resources listed on the links page. You can also contact me with your comments on the book.

If you don’t already own the book, you can use this website to learn more about it. You can read the book’s preface, which explains the purpose and philosophy of the book. You can see the table of contents and selected page images so you can judge for yourself whether it is the right book for you.

I hope you find this book as enjoyable to read as I found it to write!

Bernard Schutz